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Food Art 食之藝【速寶兒之醒腦寶】 專為發育中的孩子而調配的健腦 湯膳, 提供益智補腦所需的天然營養, 能有效加強 孩子們的腦部發展及增強專注力 🏅信譽品牌🏅 ⭐️ 品質保證 - 2022新加坡【值得信賴】優質品牌大獎 ⭐️ 健康安全 - 2022香港【最愛親子健康湯品】品牌大獎 功效 - 醒腦滋潤 - 增強專注 - 力寧心神 - 益智補腦 特點 - 簡單免煮 - 天然原味 - 無添加糖 - 無防腐劑 - 無人工調味劑 - 適合素食者 飲食建議 - 適合3歲及以上飲用 - 適合每天喝一袋 主要材料簡介: 核桃: 核桃含有人體必需的多種微量元素與礦物質,其中的鋅和錳是腦垂體的重要組成部分,經常食用具有健腦的功效。核桃中所含脂肪為亞油酸甘油酯,可供給大腦基質的需要。 腰果: 腰果形似腎臟,蛋白質含量也較可觀,其豐富的營養能有助於提高機體抗病能力。 鷹嘴豆: 是一種營養價值極高的豆類食材,還有豐富的植物蛋白和多種胺基酸,另外維生素和粗纖維以及微量元素鈣,鐵鎂等營養成分也是鷹嘴豆中最重要的存在,它們能快速被人體吸收和利用,能促進身體代謝,提高身體各器官功能。 SOUPERKID BEBRAINY A brain-boosting soup specially formulated for growing children, providing natural nutrients essential for brain development. FEATURES - Convenient & no-cook - 100% Natural Ingredients - No Added Sugar - No Preservatives - No Artificial Flavouring - No Artificial Colouring - Suitable for Vegetarian RECOMMENDED - Suitable for 3 years old and above. - Suitable to drink 1 soup bag per day. MAIN INGREDIENTS Walnut: Regular consumption has the effect of strengthening the brain. The fat contained in walnuts is linoleic acid glyceride, which is need by the brain development. Cashews: Cashews consist rich nutrition which help improve the body's ability to resist diseases. Chickpeas: It is a kind of legumes with high nutritional value and also rich in plant protein with variety of amino acids. Vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium in chickpeas can be quickly absorbed and used by the human body. It can promote the body's metabolism, and improve the function of various organs of the body.

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