Food Art 食之藝【速寶媽之健肌補 SOUPERMUM PROTICARE】生肌健骨、祛風除濕 、固腎縮尿、增強體力⭐️購買湯包系列滿$400包郵‼️ 買滿$200可選擇面交‼️ ⭐️ 現貨‼️ 香港直送‼️ 星期一至五 3pm前下單,即日發貨‼️

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Food Art 食之藝【速寶媽之健肌補】有助於健肌強腎。配方中附加了有機印加果粉,為肌肉與骨骼生長提供了豐富的優質高蛋白。 適合: ✔️經常雙腳無力的老人 ✔️容易受傷的運動員 ✔️常腰酸背痛的上班族 影片: 功效: ✅生肌健骨 ✅祛風除濕 ✅固腎縮尿 ✅增強體力 特點: 👍🏻簡單免煮 👍🏻天然原味 👍🏻無添加糖 👍🏻無防腐劑 👍🏻無人工調味劑 👍🏻適合素食者 飲食建議: 🔹適合十六歲以上者飲用 🔹可以每星期飲用三至四次,或隔日飲用 材料:有機印加果粉、椰棗、枸杞、淮山、補骨脂、天麻、黑棗、胡蘆巴耔、丹參、北芪、桂枝、續斷片、⻩精、杜仲、金骨脊、歸身、川芎和天然調味 淨重:細包裝:24克 X 6包 / 珍寶裝: 20克 X 26包 使用方法:將免煮即飲速寶媽放入保溫瓶, 加入250-300毫升的沸水, 靜待1-2小時。搖勻, 趁熱飲用。 **我們建議使用FOODART®316不鏽鋼保溫瓶。因為這能保證食材的精華能夠一滴不漏的深進湯水里。讓各位能夠喝到最天然滋味的速寶媽及速寶兒。 儲存方式:開封後建議冷藏或置於陰涼處。 產品保質期:10個月 。請參閱包裝背面以瞭解確切的有效期。 溫馨提示:速寶媽是以全天然的食材配 制,新鮮包裝。其中某些材料如蜜棗圓、桂圓、紅棗、枸杞、黑棗, 熟地、海竹等偶爾會因為水分含量較高 ,而導致湯袋少許潮濕。 這都是正常的現象。請安心飲用。 **聲明:效果因人而異。 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ SOUPERMUM PROTICARE EFFECT: ✅Strengthen the Muscles & Bones ✅Dispelling Wind & Removing Dampness ✅Strengthen the Kidney to Reduce Urination FEATURES: 👍🏻Convenient & no-cook 👍🏻100% Natural Ingredients 👍🏻No Added Sugar 👍🏻No Preservatives 👍🏻No Artificial Flavouring 👍🏻No Artificial Colouring 👍🏻Suitable for Vegetarian RECOMMENDED: 🔹Suitable for 16 years old and above. 🔹Can drink 3-4 times a week or alternate day Ingredients:Organic Sacha Inchi Powder, Dates, Goji, Chinese Yam, Malaytea Scurfpea Fruit, Gastrodia Tuber, Black Dates, Fenugreek Seeds, Red Sage Root, Radix Astragali, Cassia Twig, Himalayan Teasel Root, Solomonseal Rhizome, Eucommia Bark, Cibot Rhizome, Angelica, Szechwan Lovage Rhizome and Natural Seasoning. Net weight:Normal Pack:20g x 6 bags / Jumbo Pack: 24g x 26 bags How to Use:Put one bag into thermos. Add in 250-300ml boiling water and wait for 1-2 hours. Shake well and serve hot. **We recommend to use FOOD ART® 316 Stainless Steel Thermos. This ensure that the essence of the ingredients can be blend into the soup well. So that you can drink the most natural and tastier of Soupermum and Souperkid Soup. Storage Instruction:Recommended to refrigerate or keep in a cool dry place after opening. Product Shelf Life:Approximately 10 months. Refer to the back of the packaging for the exact expiry date. Reminder:SOUPERMUM is made of all-natural ingredients and freshly packaged, such as fresh candied dates, dried longan, red dates, goji, black dates, rehmannia. The soup bag would get slightly damp occasionally due to its high moisture content. It’s normal and please consume at ease. **Disclaimer: Individual result may vary.

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